Make your field sale. Manage your warehouse and store.

Mobilnex is a special application that enables field sales teams to perform their workflow in a fast, efficient and effective manner.

This app offers many benefits to brands.

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Fast sale

Mobilnex enables fast transactions in the field. This helps customers to receive effective service and complete transactions more efficiently.

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Mobilnex makes it possible for field sales teams to fulfill their job responsibilities anywhere. This eliminates the need for customers to come to the office and allows them to place orders directly from the field.

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Doğru stok takibi

Mobilnex ensures accurate stock tracking. Field sales teams can quickly check if any product is in stock.

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Müşteri ilişkileri

Mobilnex can be used to strengthen customer relationships. Field sales teams can communicate directly with their customers and respond quickly to customer requests.

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Mobilnex maximizes the performance of field sales teams. It helps to perform sales, inventory tracking, counting, invoicing, order entry, etc. instantly in the field. This helps to reduce costs while increasing the efficiency of the business.


Mobilnex advanced features

Stock Level Tracking

Check the minimum and maximum stock levels of the products in purchases and sales and get stock level warning.

Program İçinden Tek Tuşla Mail Ve Sms Gönderebilme

Mail all reports within the modules to the relevant company.

Comparative Reports

Track service invoices and expense records of companies. Get a comparative report. Make a profit and loss report.

Warehouse Tracking

Track the stock tracking of companies by separating the warehouse.

Branch Tracking

Track the branch movements of companies in detail and get reports.

Excel İle Stok Fiyat Listeleri Güncellemesi

It offers the ability to update the buying and selling figures on the stock cards via the saved Excel table.

Dövizli İşlemler Takibi

Personnel current account and premium and payroll tracking

Tüm E-dönüşüm Süreçleri Tek Programda

E-Invoice / E-Archive Invoice / E-Waybill / E-Export

Şantiye, Şube Projeleri Takibi İçin Proje Takip modülü

It allows to get detailed and parsing reports by using project code in document entries.

Renk ve Beden Takibi

Tracking of stocks on the basis of serial number, color size, party lot


What you can do with Mobilnex

Field Sales Lite

Current Account
Sales Receipt
Collection and Payment
Cash Register Expense Receipt
Stock Receipt

Field Sales Pro

Current Account
Waybill and Invoice
Sales Receipt
Collection and Payment
Cash Register Expense Receipt
Stock Receipt
Sales Contracts
Route Visit Tracking

Store and Warehouse Management

Bulk Label Printing
Stock Receipt
Price Change
Goods Acceptance
Stock Link Counting

Census Management

Stock Linked Counting

See Price

Barcode Price Inquiry
Stock Quantity Inquiry
Price Inquiry by Product Name
Inventory Quantity Inquiry by Warehouse
Color-Size Detailed Stock Quantity Inquiry

Pocket Boss

Detailed Reporting
Daily-Weekly-Monthly Retail Sales Reports
Stokk Reports
Current Reports
Cash and Bank Reports
Order and Collection Reports
Check and Promissory Note Reports
Invoice Reports
Waybill Reports
Order Reports
Taklif Reports
Expense Reports


Programs you can use together with Mobilnex


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